Saturday, 1 December 2012

New Residence Hall ! Living in Style

New Residence Hall 2012-13, hopefully would be the best year of my life. The exciting prospect of this place makes you feel energized and growth of your social circle increasing exponentially makes you feel that you are in the perfect place to be in Montreal.
I exactly remember when I reached Noville Residence in the morning of 25th Aug'2012 at 7 am where I met Mr. Tahir Ali Qureshi sitting at the front desk. I was really exhausted when I reached Montreal after 40 hours of travelling with 100 kgs of luggage.

The hectic flight certainly did not allow me to enjoy the spacious double-spaced room with private bathroom. As soon as I kept my luggage I went to the service point to make my student Id along with my friend back from high school. The Rez Wars', Frosh, Orientation week and meeting new friends at the cafeteria are the vivid memories of the first 2 weeks in Montreal.

I live at Floor 15, my floor fellow Catilin F is pursuing nursing degree at McGill University. She is a great person and very helpful to me. So as a whole I have liked the experience of New Residence Hall and I really hope that I take some great memories back home when I return to Pakistan in summers!

Thankyou for your precious time.


New Year Resolutions!

Nabeel Godil's New Year Resolutions.

Well, I'm not of a resolution guy, writing resolutions on a piece of paper but just assuming that I'm emulating someone.

My top ten resolutions for the year would be :

1.) Thanking God that the world did not end in 2012
2.) Wake up early in the mornings before sunrise.
3.) Be a more responsible citizen.
4.) Never ever be late in classes.
5.) Always wash my socks.
6.) Will try to be bilingual to seek jobs in montreal.
7.) Keeping in touch with my old friends since they get annoyed for not being in touch with them.
8.) Have a habit of taking break-fast.
9.) Practice sports-spirit
10) Should learn to fight the competition more effectively in all aspects of life.


Exchange at UPenn!

 Desautels Faculty of Management is offering an exchange to UPenn which is a healthy sign for students across the board. While students working hard on their academics 1 semester at UPenn would give them enough confidence to seek into US grad schools for the upcoming years.
UPenn's Wharton School of Business has created some amazing business leaders such as Warren Buffett. The rigorous addendum and the core values of the institution is what really strengthens the bond between McGill and UPenn enhances the values supported by both of the universities.

Two of my friends are studying at UPenn and I really hope that I score a good CGPA in-order to spend atleast 1 semester at Wharton to fulfill my passion. Although Wharton might be little expensive for me but I believe that would be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Wish me luck :)

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