Friday, 30 November 2012

Exams and Stress!

Its been 2 weeks that I haven't slept properly. The stress, anxiety and the tension is getting my focus off from the studies even. The projects due with the exams deadlines coming closer is what really tests your time-management but I guess that's what polishes a student with his time management skills.
The time-constraints in the corporate world parallel with the time-constraints an undergrad undergoes and gives you the perfect ingredients to develop a successful career. Since I'm a Pakistani and I come from a British system of education, I'm accustomed to the last minute studies which is wrong on my part but I have realized that the North American system of education compels you to review your weekly lectures so that you can keep up with the readings too.

My exam schedule is as follows:
1.) 6th Dec
2.) 14th Dec
3.)  17th Dec
4.)  18th Dec
5.) 19th Dec

I'm really working hard on these papers and I hope all of my colleagues do well in their exams and return home at the eve of Christmas happily. Peace.

Have a lovely weekend!

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