Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Traders vs Government!

Traders and businessman have ‘postponed’ the protests plan for November on the  assurance of Governor of Karachi, Dr.Ishratul Ibad that law and order will be improved and have decided to review their decision in the first week of December. This was announced by Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Haroon Agar following meetings of their and FPCCI delegations with Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad at the Governor’s House on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Governor Ishratul Ibad khan is on an official trip to UK to meet his counterpart as well as some important members of European Union (EU).

Traders who came out strongly to the government to provide them with adequate amount of security, incentives to the lower-level workers with improved transportation, government schemes and improved health system.
One could only possibly hope that the business-tycoons can put some pressure on the government to fulfill the necessities of people in terms of law and order so that in turn the revenue cycle keeps on rotating.
ATP : Governor Ishratul Ibad Khan having a meeting with journalists.

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